Key Timings & Deadlines

Complete Activation Form: Monday 13 May

Hire Equipment Requests: Monday 13 May

Public Liability & Vehicle Registration: Monday 13 May

Partner, Vendor & Team Bump In: Wednesday 29 May May 9am – 3pm. Please advise exact time when completing activation form

Event Date & Operational Time:  Wednesday 29 May 6pm – Thursday 30 May 7am

Overnight Event Start: 6pm

10km Event Start: 5am

3km Event Start: 5:30am

Closing Ceremony: 6:30am

Bump out: Thursday 30 May 7:15am – 9am

Vehicle Details

  • All vehicles that require access to the venue must have their registration details lodged with the event team PRIOR to the event weekend (see deadlines tab)
  • Please phone the venue manager when you arrive on site to be directed to your location
  • When driving within the venue you must have a ‘spotter’ from the event team with you at all times
  • Please drive at walking pace (5km/hr) with hazard lights on
  • Vehicles MUST NOT drive on the grass. If your activation involves a vehicle, please contact event organisers so we can make appropriate arrangements.
  • All vehicles parked at the event MUST HAVE drip trays placed beneath. It is the vendors responsibility to provide these trays.

Site Rules

  • Any marquees self-erected on site must have enough weights in place for safety. Pegging into the grassed area or tying off surrounds objects is NOT If you do not have weight, please contact the event organisers to arrange hire of weights.
  • You are responsible for providing your own electrical leads and ensuring they have up to date test and tagging compliance. Power will only be available to those who have requested and pre-arranged with the event organisers
  • Please do not store boxes or any solid object on the grassed areas. (tables, chairs etc are fine)
  • Security will be onsite overnight, however, we take no responsibility for any property left on the premises
  • Please ensure where possible you practice the best environmentally sustainable practices with reducing waste, reusing where possible and recycling recyclable produces into the recycling bins
  • Please ensure your activation team bring their own reusable water bottles, there will be a Hydration Station set up in the middle of the venue
  • Please ensure you provide appropriate safety items for your activation staff including sunscreen, hats, ponchos, hand sanitiser, masks, etc
  • Please ensure that public safety is paramount at all times
  • When bumping out it is your responsibility to ensure that all equipment used is packed away and rubbish is disposed of in the appropriate manner
  • All contractors must have appropriate signage displayed while constructing ie “Danger Construction Site Please Keep Out”

Safety Information


  • Medical staff will be onsite during the Event Day activities.  Should your staff or any participants require medical assistance please report to the 1300Medics tent or advise one of the EMS Australia staff.
  • You can also call the medical hotline which is: 0421 003 720
  • In the event of an emergency, always call 000

Venue Evacuation Plan

Please see evacuation plan here

Suspicious Behaviour

  • In the unlikely event of any suspicious behaviour please alert EMS Australia team as soon as possible.
    1. Suspicious behaviour can be from the participants or the general public, and can be anything from a bag or backpack left unattended or wearing a large jacket in warm weather or even a person acting irritated.
    2. If you find an unattended bag/backpack
      1. Ask if anyone owns it
      2. If no one does, do not touch it
      3. Alert others to keep away
      4. Contact the venue coordinator as soon as possible and they will alert the appropriate people.

Venue Map & Site Access

Please note the venue map is subject to change without notice. Please check back the week of the event for most up to date version.

Additional Items

If you need any additional items for your activation, they will be available for hire through the event team.

  • Marquee Weights
    Please note that 3x weights are required for each leg of a pop-up marquee
  • Marquee Flooring
    Price is per square meter
  • Trestle Table 1.8m
  • Trestle Table Cloth
  • Plastic Chairs
  • 3m Market Umbrella
  • Crowd Control Barrier
  • Marquee 3x3
    Includes walls and weights
  • Marquee 3x6
    Includes walls and weights
  • Power Access 10amp
  • Power Access 15amp
  • Power Access 3-phase 32amp 5pin

Darkness to Daylight Partner Activation Form

  • e.g. 3mx3m
  • Please provide details of how you will be activating or using your space, including any other hire equipment required.
  • Please note: There is no parking at this venue and limited drop off space for the marquee.
  • Max. file size: 32 MB.
    Please provide us with your public liability if you are going to bring a marquee or any equipment on site with us.