After Staging the very first Enduro event in Australia in 2009, Event Management Solutions Australia will not be delivering the 2018 series.  Never fear as the local network of clubs and venues have worked together to formulate what will be a great season of racing in Southern Queensland.

Follow the venue links below for more information including entries for each venue.  At this stage there is no option for a full series entry.

Thank you for the outstanding support over the years and join us in supporting the 2018 season as we work to further develop the sport of Enduro in Australia.


The EMS team

Round 129 April 2018Garapine
Round 227 May 2018Gold Coast
Round 324 June 2018Garapine
Round 4 8 July 2018Rockhampton
Round 515 July 2018Toowoomba
Round 65 August 2018Tamrookum
Round 79 September 2018Mount Joyce

QLD Enduro Categories

  • Elite
  • Expert
  • Age Categories
    Under 19

    Sport (18+)

    Veteran (30-39)

    Masters (40-49)

    Super Masters (50+)

  • Junior
    Under 15

    Under 17

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Results are based on the total cumulative time across the stages.  The lowest time in each category will be the winner. In some cases (e.g. you have stopped to assist an injured rider) a derived time may be allocated to you for a stage. Penalties can also be allocated if riders do not adhere to the race guidelines or information given during the rider briefing on event day. You will receive points for each round you participate in within the series. These series points will go towards the series finale/round 5. Please note series points to do not count towards the State Championship, which is a stand-alone event to wrap up the season.

Results from the 2015 series and Championship are available in the accompanying table.

Results index


The QLD Enduro Series will take place across six iconic locations: Garapine, Gold Coast, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Tamrookum and Mt Joyce.

Find out more about these great venues below


Round 1: Sunday April 29

Registration NOW OPEN for Round 1!

Round 3: Sunday June 24

Visit club website for further information.

Entry Fees

18 or Over $78.00

Under 18 $57.50

*Prices include 2.5% credit card fee and $1.10 transaction fee

**Prices are for online registration only. Any late registrations on race weekend are subject to availability and will incur a $25 late fee. 

Standard rules and safety*


Each event will be managed individually by the local clubs.

Please contact associated club with enquiries.