Hobart Shredding

If you’re heading to Hobart prior to Derby there are plenty of trails to help you get rid of the jetlag, or just roll the legs out after New Zealand.

There are two main trail networks, the Meehan MTB Park on the Eastern Shore approximately 10 minutes from Hobart International Airport and the North South/Tolosa MTB Park 30mins from Hobart CBD.

Signage at both of these locations is minimal, so best to identify trails via STRAVA or Trailforks if you have access to the internet.

Meehan MTB Park

The park features a combination of XC and enduro trails with one main DH track. It spans across two hills with car parking at each site (Clarence Car Park as shown above and at Belbins Road). The trails are fast, rocky and at sometimes steep, this is also the better location to ride if there is rain as this part of Hobart generally receives less rainfall.

Please keep in mind there is no water at this site or close access to shops. Come fully prepared before you start your ride.

This area does feature lots of native fauna. If riding in the heat of the day be wary of snakes – they are more scared of you especially when you’re on the bike, and if riding at dusk watch out for wallabies.

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North South / Tolosa MTB Park

The North South Track is Hobart’s flagship trail, nestled in the temperate rain forest on Mt Wellington this is a must ride if you are in Hobart.

The trailhead can be accessed by car via ‘The Springs’ on Pinnacle Road. There are ample carparking, water and toilet facilities here; you may also be lucky enough to swing past when the Brentwood Coffee Van is open, selling coffee and local baked goods. Continuing up Pinnacle Road will take you to the summit of Mt Wellington.

If you are looking for a longer climb you can park at the historic Cascade Brewery and climb up Pinnacle Road (via Strickland Road, then Huon Road). This takes approximately an hour, is on sealed roads with good signage.

Once on the North South trail you have a few options. Following the trail all the way through will take you through to Tolosa MTB Park in Glenorchy, once here you can ride the Nationals DH track or the XC circuit. This can be a pick up point for vehicles or you can head towards the water and Intercity Cycleway which will take you back into the Hobart CBD.

Halfway along North South is an old hiking hut referred to as ‘Junction Cabin’ from here you can fork out to the left or right on fire roads and access the trails on the lower mountain eventually leading you back to Cascade Brewery.

Important points to note are that on Mt Wellington there is very specific signage regarding Riding and ‘Walking Only’ trails. You may receive a fine if found riding on these ‘Walking Only’ trails by a Park Ranger.

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