Gravity Enduro State Championships

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Event Schedule

Sunday 14 June 2015

SRAM Enduro Series: Round 3, Mt Joyce

Round 3 of the Sram Enduro Challenge will take place in Mt Joyce.

Sunday 13 September 2015

SRAM Enduro Series: Round 5, Mt Joyce

Round 5 of the Sram Enduro Series will take place in Mt Joyce.

Sunday 8 November 2015

SRAM Enduro Series:Championship, Toowoomba

The 2015 SRAM Enduro Series Presented by Santa Cruz will Return to Toowoomba for the state championships.

3pm, Saturday 7 March 2015 -
5pm, Sunday 8 March 2015


The RockShox Enduro challenge forms the second round of the national series as well as the opening round of the Queensland Sram Enduro series.

Sunday 19 April 2015

SRAM Enduro Series: Round 2, Garapine

Round 2 of the SRAM Enduro Challenge will take place in Garapine on April 19.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend of racing.  Big shoutout to the Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club who were awesome and a very strong club in many ways.  We look forward to the new trails they plan on building from the BBQ profits.  Thanks to all the sponsors who support this event, make sure you support them back so we can continue to grow this format of racing.  We wish Randal, Richard and the other injured bodies a speedy recovery.

Stay tuned for 2014 dates and locations real soon.  Thanks to all the racers you were awesome! 

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Gravity Enduro State Championship Results 

Prologue Results

Event Details

Riders will negotiate five competitive stages across the day that range from 2 to 15 minutes in length. Stages are generally downhill in nature with some short climbing sections. Non-competitive liasion stages will link riders to the next track, which must be completed in a designated time limit. The overall winner is the rider with the fastest combined time across all competitive stages.


The prologue event on Saturday afternoon will be one timed stage. The results from the prologue for will determine race start seeding for Sunday's racing. These results do not go towards the overall Championship results, prologue will only be used for race day seeding purposes. Riders who don't compete in the prologue will be seeded after the prologue riders. The Prologue will be $10 entry fee and all prolouge entry fee's will go into a prize pool for category winners that will be presented on Saturday night at the Withcott Hotel.

Age group categories

  • Under 17 - Aged 15 or 16 at the date of competition
  • Under 19 - Aged 17 or 18 at the date of compeition
  • Elite - open to the top riders aged 19-29+years (but not limited to this age group)
  • Expert - aged between 19-29years at the date of competition
  • Veterans - aged between 30-39yrs at the date of compeition
  • Masters - aged 40+yrs at the date of compeition
  • Sport - beginners to the competition experience generally open to all ages (not a State Championship category)

We currently have all age categories open to females.  Depending on the number of female participants we may race them at the same time but will remain in their chosen age category.

SEQ Gravity Enduro Series

Check out some of the action from Round 1 of the Qld Gravity Enduro Series early 2013:



Racing format

Riders will have a non-competitive liaison stage between each of the timed sections.  Results will be based on the total cumulative time across the 5 trails.  The lowest time in each category will be the winner. 

Riders may use any of the trails or fire roads that are not part of the timed sections to make their way to the start of the next stage.  Note that care should be taken on Fire roads as event vehicles will also be using these. 

Should a participant take longer than allocated on the liasion stage, the clock will start.  The race director may choose to waive this penalty in extreme cases (e.g. where medical case has delayed racing).  Mechanical and fitness issues will not be given any allowance in the start time. 

Each rider will have allocated start times for each stage.  Should a rider miss their allocated start time, penalties will apply.


Timing facilities are located at the start and finish of each stage.  Prior to starting the event, riders must tag the CLEAR timing control point and then the START timing control point. Each rider will be issued with a timing device that will activate the timing control points, this is to be worn on a finger that best suits you (generally left).  Please note start and finish stage timing control points may be on both the left and right side.  The finger timing device needs to be placed in the hole of the timing control point- wait for a beep noise to indicate your registered to start.  Riders must be stationary when they start each stage.   Riders will start each stage at 30 second intervals.  Pre allocated start times have been issued for each rider.  You may start before this time, however will be penalised if you start after this time. 


Stages will be taped where it is deemed appropriate. Taping will leave suitable line choices where possible, but it will not allow for any significant ‘cutting’ of race stages.  Where course tape is only present on the outside of a corner, this defines the route.

Any competitor seen to be crossing course tape, marker posts or taking any route deemed to be off the official race track will be penalised. There must be no interference with the track such as removing rocks, roots or branches. Any competitor deemed to be interfering with the track will be penalised. Creative line choice is allowed, however, creating your own trail/line is not allowed.  If a commissaire or marshal witnesses or receives unbiased witness evidence, the rider will be penalised. 


Overall Race results: Results will be based on the total cumulative time across the 5 trails.  The lowest time in each category will be the winner. 

Saturday's Prologue Seeding: Seeding is designed to decide the running order for the following race day’s timed stages.

Time penalties: For every minute you are late to the start of your stage, a time penalty will be added to your stage time.

Injured rider: In the event that you come across an injured rider who is not able to continue please wait with the rider.  The second person on the scene should continue along the trail to the next marshal point.  Anyone affected by assisting with medical will be given a time relevant to their performance on other trails. 

Riders who carry mobile phones can call: Ian Harwood 0404 326 169


Just be a good sport! No un-Australian behavior (Wikipedia explanation) no negative connotation suggesting an activity, behaviour, belief or policy that is seen to be violating Australian cultural norms. Observe all rules and instructions provided by organisers and marshals. 

Should you be caught by another rider in a stage you must pull off the racing line to allow a safe passing move.  The pursuing rider must give clear audible notice of which side they intend to pass.  For example, the pursuing rider may shout “On your left”, allowing the slower rider to move to the right. Foul or abusive language aimed at any of the gravity enduro team will not be tolerated.  The organisers will also impose a lengthy restriction from any future events.

Safety Equipment Helmets are compulsory and must be worn at all times, they must also be secured properly at all times.



General Event Info

Race Village

The race village, located off Amos Road, we plan to provide toilets, shade and a selection of your music.  The Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club will provide the BBQ, snacks and drinks for sale. We hope that these events will be something that competitors will bring their family/friends to. Parking will be available approximately 1km from the race village on Amos Road, follow the parking and marshal direction. 

How to get there

The Gravity Enduro State Championships event village will be located at the Amos Road end Withcott.  To plan your journey to the race village via Amos Road click here

Accommodation suggestions

Check out The Clewley’s Country accommodation ph 07 4630 3477 or there is plenty of accommodation options for all budgets in Toowoomba.  Try to aim for accommodation in East Toowoomba as this is closest to the venue.

Saturday night prologue presentations

Will be held at the Withcott Hotel we have reserved the deck area for our event.  The Hotel is located on the Warrego Highway just on the outskirts of Withcott.  Withcott Hotel has given us some $20 meal vouchers to be given away at random.   So join us from 7pm at the pub for a presentations and you could eat free thanks to the Withcott Hotel.


This event require volunteers. Most of the volunteers needed are to fill track Marshal positions. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us [email protected]

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